Trent Lowe

SWS Board Member

  • SWS Class of 2018

  • Camano Island resident since 2016 but has owned a house here since 1984 on Indian Beach

SWS Experience

  • Active in Sound Toxins and Camano VET (Volunteer Education and Training) Committee planning and scheduling the annual SWS training, Intertidal Beach Monitoring, Education and Outreach activities at Camano Island State Parks. 
  • Elected to the 2020 Board which is his first term on the board. 

After 42 years in Salt Lake City, UT we sold our business, the house and retired in 2016. Moved to Camano Island into a house @ Indian Beach, we owned since 1984.


Wonder bread years spent mostly in California. Higher education I bounced around; University of Puget Sound, U. of Arizona, landing a BA at U. of Utah, emphasis in Anthropology, Geology


Emily, my wife of 42 years, passed away in 2018. Two sons, Erik and Alex.


With my family we built up a wholesale Automotive business with locations in Salt Lake and Boise. Bought out the other interest in 1990. Was active on committees and boards in several industry associations. 8 years in Boy Scout leadership activities.

Fun Stuff 

Boating, beach walking, crabbing, road trips, taking in my kids activities (chef, marine biologist, one grandkid), food, drink and art. Just finished building a new house. 

Trustee on Camano Water and Power Co-op, President of Indian Beach Community Club.