Robert Tushinski

SWS Board Member

  • SWS Class of 2016tushinski
  • Camano resident since 2012
    (moved from Mountain View CA)

SWS Experience

  • Enjoyed the Camano Intertidal Monitoring

Life/Work Experience

  • Originated from the Northeastern Pennsylvania Coal Country not far from Wilkes Barre and had a job since I was 12 years old, including being a candy maker.
  • Earned a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from Columbia University in the City of New York in 1977.
  • Prepared for my life’s work as a researcher by completing 2 Postdoctoral fellowships.
  • Moved to Seattle in 1984 to do Biotechnology research at Immunex Corp.
  • Moved to Mountain California in 1992 to continue working in Stem Cell Biology.
  • In addition to Research I also developed and ran the Health Safety and Radiation Safety Programs, which gave me experience working with State and Federal regulators for licensing.
  • Served as the Facilities Manager at Stemcells Inc in Palo Alto CA.
  • Author or co-author of 40 peer reviewed articles in Scientific Journals.
  • Retired as the Senior Research Fellow at Stemcells Inc. in 2011.
  • Getting ready to celebrate with my wife, Lilija, our 50th Wedding anniversary in 2018.


  • Love Classical and Polka music.
  • Enjoy playing the organ.
  • Love gardening, but have to admit it’s getting harder lately to stand after kneeling in the dirt.
  • Like to read mystery novels.
  • Love to learn about and observe the biodiversity on the beaches of Camano Island with

Reason I want to serve

  • Want to be more involved with Citizen Science and the great people at SWS.