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Tim’s whitepaper (2013) to WSU Extension Director on proposed future scenario

E-mail from Barb dated May 14, 2013: [NOTE: a link to the whitepaper follows the email message]

Dear Beach Watchers,

Several months ago, Tim Lawrence, Director, WSU Island County Extension, presented the attached White Paper to the Director of WSU Extension.   While the original assignment was to consider the future of the Beach Watchers program, Dr. Lawrence took this opportunity to research university-based environmental programs across the country and develop suggestions for WSU’s environmental outreach statewide.  The Beach Watchers program is included in the broad, conceptual framework described in the attached paper.

 The paper has been well received and a committee has been formed, under Tim’s leadership, to define a way forward on the concepts and to develop a core environmental curriculum for outreach programs.  That committee has met 2 times and I am pleased to serve on the committee.

 This paper sets out themes that will likely shape the future of the Beach Watchers program and other WSU environmental outreach programs.  It invites the potential of strong and diverse statewide environmental outreach and sets the stage for exciting possibilities ahead.


Future 2013 BW White Paper Final

BWAC May 2013 Agenda

Agenda, BWAC Meeting, Tuesday 21 May 2013, 1:30 – 3:30

at West Beach Shelter, Deception Pass State Park

  •  Welcome
  •  Approval of minutes from April 23 BWAC meeting [see emailed file with updated minutes – meeting date was corrected]
  • Coordinator’s report [see emailed file]
  • Report from & Discussion with the BW Organizational Options Committee  [ members include Linda Ade Ridder, Paul Robertson, Jill Hein, Bob Gentz, Mary Hulbert, Dave Brubaker]
    – we anticipate at least an hour for this topic, & maybe more
  • Other topics if time allows:
    • BWAC Members as Project Liaisons [see emailed list of active BW Projects/Activities]
    • Recruiting new members for BWAC – update
  • Adjourn

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