Sound Water Stewards are trained volunteers working in and around Island County for a healthy, sustainable marine environment through education, science and stewardship.


An ethic of stewardship permeates all we do. SWS Stewardship Committee develops programs, events and projects in which Stewards serve as caretakers of near-shore habitats. In stewardship activities, we apply citizen science data to inform project and site selection and management.

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Over the years, stewardship actions to preserve and enhance shorelines, beaches and habitat have included

  • beach and near-shore clean-ups
  • invasive plant removal
  • planting of trees and native plants
  • Monofilament Collection – photo by Jill Hein

    collecting and recycling fishing line (monofilament line) at 14 sites on Whidbey Island (Stewards empty collection tubes, once a year the collected line is taken for recycling) as part of the Monofilament recovery and recycling program (MRRP)
  • participation in the Orca Recovery month Eco-Challenge in October 2020, and the Earth Month Project Drawdown Eco-Challenge in April 2021
  • Crabber Education
  • Litter Audits (looking at the trash we collect to see where it came from)
  • Camano 101: Living on an Island

New programs and projects that may be launched include Dog Poop Pick Up and Pet-Owner Education, derelict crab pot recovery and cleanup, sustainable island living program.

See Stewardship in Action in Pictures below. Thank you ALL!

7-1 & 7-2-2021 Crabber Education at boat launches. Pictured: Bets B, Kathy K, Carter W, Julie W, Paul B, Kris H, Scott & Kathleen C, Ranger Jeff W. 

6-25-2021 at Keystone West on Whidbey – participants included Dave, Barb, Lachlan, Cynthia, Poli, Suzy, Patrice

6-8-2021 at Iverson Spit Preserve on Camano – attended by Scott, Bill, Terry, Ellyn, Jean, Joan, Julie, Stacey

4-20-2021 at Keystone West on Whidbey
“It was a lot of fun for me and I noticed big smiles on faces as I was leaving,” reports Anne T.


4-1-2021 at Barnum Point on Camano
“Nice to see credit in the local newspaper.”

3-18-2021 at Double Bluff on Whidbey