Sound Waters 2016 – a most successful day


History Display – our first 20 years of Sound Waters

Six hundred and forty nine people registered for our 22nd annual ‘one day university for all’ – a daylong conference on all things Puget Sound – held this year at South Whidbey High School on Feb 6 2016.

The keynote speaker,  Dr. Brian Atwater,  spoke about the science and cross-Pacific detective work that went into pinning down the details of the January 1700 Cascadia earthquake and resulting tsunami.  For a wonderful synopsis, see Dan Pedersen’s article from his “Off the Rails” blog.

Prior to the keynote, the annual Jan Holmes Island County Coastal Volunteer Award was given to Sound Water Stewards volunteer, Bob Gentz, who is treasurer for the event planning team, and had to be pulled away from doing tech-support in the classrooms in order to accept the award.

After the keynote, attendees were able to attend three classes from the over 60 offered, and visit more than 60 exhibits.


Clara Beier – co-lead of our Education/Outreach team at our Sound Water Stewards exhibit.

This event is put on every year by a 100% volunteer team of Sound Water Stewards (who put in over 3000 hours to make it happen).

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