Tides – live data and predictions

In general, our area has two high tides, and two low tides per day. Their timing shifts a bit later each day. In the summer, our lowest tides are during the day, in winter they are at night.

Click the map for a view of all tide stations in/around Island County – then click on any station to access NOAA or ProTides displays for that station.

Graphical/Tabular listings of Tide Predictions (NOAA)

  • Hints
    • for a printable view of the predictions for the current year, click on the ‘Annual PDF’ box to the right of the graphical display.

Other Tide Resources

  • Paper Tide Guides – You can purchase an inexpensive pocket-sized Tide Guide at most hardware stores in Island County. Look for one with a graphical view of the low and high tides in addition to the tabular listing; it will give you a better understanding of how the tides vary over a month.
  • NOAA – Tides and Water Level
  • Several free and paid apps for mobile device – use GPS to locate where you are and display the tides (plus moon phase, sunrise/sunset time and more) for your location – find them through the App Store. Examples include Tide Graph Pro (paid), Tide Charts (free with ads or paid), Tide Alert
  • TideLog – book with wonderful illustrations.