In general, our area has two high tides, and two low tides per day. Their timing shifts a bit later each day. In the summer, our lowest tides are during the day, in winter they are at night. Click the map for a view of all tide stations in/around Island County – then click on any station to access NOAA or ProTides displays for that station.

Tide Predictions from NOAA

More Tide Resources

Get a free or paid app for your mobile device – it uses GPS to locate you then displays the tides (moon phase, sunrise/sunset time, weather and more) for your location – for android or iPhone at your App Store. Examples:

Paper Tide Guides – Purchase an inexpensive pocket-sized Tide Guide at a hardware or fishing supply store. Look for one with a graphical view of the low and high tides. TideLog contains wonderful illustrations.

Use MyCoast App to find local tides on your mobile device. Use it to upload pictures and to report King Tides and Storm Surge (get the app at your app store). Learn to use the MyCoast App in this video

Where to find the app

How to enable location services so the app can work

Weather/Wind Apps

Sea Level Rise

Oil Spill Reporting

  • WA Dept of Ecology
  • If you see a spill in the water, call 1-800-OILS-911 (WA Emergency Management Division, call 24/7)