Propose New Event

If you see an event missing from the calendar …

Email to

  • Subject: New event – rough subject area
  • Body:
    • Proposed Event Title:   ………………….
    • Of Interest To:  Camano or Whidbey or All <–pick just one
    • Event Day and Times
    • Event Location
    • Event Description
      • (include contacts as appropriate)
      • (do people need to rsvp – to whom)
    • (optional) Event URL
    • (if applicable) Event Cost
  • (Optional) attach any images or pdf’s associated with the event.
    Note: for a large event, you may want to have a content post-page, and the event can point to it.

If you see a correction to an existing event – please click on it from the monthly calendar, or from the agenda listing, and then click on [Send Feedback] button to the right.