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Aggregating anemone (Anthopleura elegantissima)

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– Here you find People (including how to send an email to members), Groups, Team Leads, Activities & Hour Reporting and SWS Documents (Stored in Box) – go to SWS Info

  • At SWS Info – click on “Docs” to go to Box (the SWS File Cabinet)

– history of your previously entered hours and a quick way to add new ones – go to My SWS Hours


– Use this to:

How to login:

  • click on any of the links above
  • at the login prompt
    • enter your email address
    • if you don’t remember your password, or never had one – click [Send me a NEW password]
    • if your email address is not recognized, send email to – and include your name, phone, and class year – so that we can get your stored email in-sync with the one you are using now.