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Aggregating anemone (Anthopleura elegantissima)

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  • – tracks the information that we, as SWS volunteers and staff, need to track our organization and to carry out our efforts in support of our island environment. Check it out! You’ll find  People (including how to send an email to members), Groups, Team Leads, Activities & Hour Reporting, and SWS Documents – go to  SWS Info

  • – for a history of all of your previously entered hours, and a quicker way to add new ones – go to My SWS Hours
  • – our previous Volunteer Hours/Info database. Until these capabilities are folded into one of the above, use it to:
    • enter or review your answers to our Skills/Preferences inventory – what are you good at and even more importantly, what do you enjoy doing – go to My Skills

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    • if you don’t remember your password, or never had one – click [Send me a NEW password]
    • if your email address is not recognized, send email to – and include your name, phone, and class year – so that we can get your stored email in-sync with the one you are using now.

Purple shore crab (Hemigrapsus nudus)