From the Executive Director Nan Maysen

 April was busy for most of us, I think! I was really happy to attend the Camano Monthly Meeting and meet a few more of you and become ever more familiar with all the activities going on on both islands. It was also great to participate in the last VET class for the spring that was a joint class at Deception Pass. I find these occasions to be in touch with you all are really valuable to me on the many other days I am working “behind the scenes”. On what? you ask? Well – –

As some of you know – SWS will be re-publishing Getting to the Waters Edge this summer – thanks the efforts of many of YOU, so I have been finding businesses and organizations who are interested in helping us to fund the publication so that the proceeds from sales can help our income stream over the next 5 – 10 years!  It has also been a great way for me to build relationships with our community and partners. 

I am working with Board members and both Allie and Mikaela on some of our “internal” SWS needs as we address ways to enhance committee-staff communication and support, clarify the structure and define guidelines that help staff and committees work together and grow, and bringing the long-awaited “Volunteer Handbook” into reality.  We are also working together to address some needs in the Information Technology arena – as we keep up and transition with ongoing changes in technology, social media and information management.  I continue to see my contribution as working with the board to provide direction that makes it easier and more effective and efficient for all of you and staff to accomplish our collective SWS goals.

There are always lots of ongoing administrative tasks that keep me on my toes (record keeping, reporting, etc) and I sneak in some time for developing strategies for funding and looking for opportunities for collaboration. Our grant from the Town of Coupeville includes funding for a few new components of the Coupeville Wharf exhibit, so soon Allie and perhaps Kelly will be developing that. There is no shortage of ways for SWS to make more contributions in our island communities, as our capacity increases!