From the Executive Director Nan Maysen

Recently I was asked to contribute a presentation to our neighboring county that provided an overview of Sound Water Stewards organization. I asked for Paul Ben’s assistance, as my involvement is so recent, and as we were working on it, one slide captured one of the most important qualities about Sound Water Stewards: Aside from the financial support and stability provided by LEP (Lighthouse Environmental Programs) and our Sound Waters University, it is the quality and dedication of the volunteers that make our organization successful.  

Whether we look at the efforts of the members and board in 2015 and 2016, when Sound Water Stewards were just becoming itself, or at the current activities that maintain strength and impact in the County and beyond, the high level of skills and commitment that volunteers bring to SWS are what enables our success.  I have been impressed from my start 5 months ago by the talent and variety of backgrounds that all of the volunteers offer, and also that the all-important ability to work together towards a common goal is one of the threads that weaves among every committee and board member.

I have always felt that teamwork is the best approach with a balance of leadership and feedback from the “boots on the ground” – – or in the mud!  The team that Sound Water Stewards is now – with both coordinators and myself settled into our staff roles and having such a strong and impressive Board and committees to support and work with – – it is something all of you can be proud of! Not every organization is so endowed with talent and dedication!