From Camano Coordinator Mikaela Montanari


This spring has been very productive and full of wonderful partnerships with many Sound Water Stewards and community members. I’ve just recently wrapped up my official SWS training as of April 25th and am now officially a Steward! The level of detail and topics covered is impressive! Equally impressive are the dedicated folks who keep our Volunteer Education Training going.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work. I have really appreciated the level of detail the facilitators bring to the table. You are in many ways the face of our organization for incoming volunteers. 

Spring Accomplishments:
This winter and spring Suzie Gaffney and I worked with Lincoln Alternative High School students to increase their sense of place as part of the Stillaguamish grant.   Suzie and Janet St. Clair began this project back in 2017 and to date, this will be the second year SWS has provided educational outreach to Lincoln High School. The second goal of this grant is to recruit and train Lincoln High School students to help SWS and Friends of Camano Island State Parks (FOSICP) with Nature Discovery Days (NDD). In order for the high school students to feel knowledgable enough for NDD they received training on coastal geology (taught by Jeff Wheeler), Intertidal Beach Monitoring (taught by Suzie Gaffney, pictured above), ocean acidification (taught by Mikaela Montanari), marine identification (taught by Mikaela Montanari, Suzie Gaffney, Trent Lowe, and Stacey Thompson), tree and plant identification (taught by Dr. Linda Brubaker), and in exchange they would teach Eat with Your Feet (Barnacle game taught by Pat Foss, shown on the right), forest ecology, and beach exploration during NDD. So far both the teacher and the students have enjoyed their SWS partnership!

I’m looking forward to summer activities like Nature Discovery Days May 20th & 21st, Intertidal Beach Monitoring, and Low Tide events!