“What’s In The Water Today?” (for June)

Wednesday, June 16 at 4 pm via zoom

Join us for What’s in the Water Today, an informal look at a plankton tow from our waters. See phytoplankton, zooplankton (like the Cladoceran below) and everything in between. We will tell you about useful web sites for identification and present what we’ve learned about our survey site in the last three years of monitoring for Sound Toxins.

What is the organism causing bioluminescence around here? We’ll show you.

Every plankton tow is a learning experience. Have you ever heard of an ejectosome? We saw an example last week.

Join us, bring lots of questions – and your own expertise.


Join SWS for a zoom viewing of “what’s in the water” of a tow sample of sea water taken at Camano Island State Park earlier that day. SoundToxins volunteers take plankton tows every week and use microscopes to look for potentially harmful algae. “What’s in the Water Today” will look at ALL the plankton in the tow.

Phytoplankton are often the unsung heroes but sea life as we know it would not exist without them. Both phyto- and zooplankton are the very basis of the marine food web. They are also diverse, beautiful, and like nothing you’ve probably seen before.

We’ll show you what’s blooming in the phytoplankton world. There is a lot of diversity and it changes every week. Marine invertebrates are spawning and we see their eggs and larvae too. We are never sure exactly what we will see but it is always interesting.

“What’s in the Water Today” is a continuing Sound Water Steward educational program. You are welcome to observe, ask lots of questions or provide expertise. Linda Brubaker gave us a mini-lesson on pollen grains a few weeks ago. In the spring, pollen grains are often collected with our samples. 

We are starting What’s in the Water Today with plankton tows and will expand to eelgrass and kelp beds, tide pools, dock life – always a close-up look at what’s in the water. Ultimately, we will invite the public and combine zoom with in-person activities.

We hope to see you Wednesday, June 16 at 4 pm via zoom for the latest installment.

Questions? Contact Allie Hudec or Paulette Brunner. Register by contacting education@soundwaterstewards.org

PHOTOS of plankton in the homepage image taken by Paulette Brunner, as is the one below. Zooplankton from a tow on 5/26/21. Babies in the brood chamber … and look at those eyes! 2021-06-16 whats in the water today event