*Camano Monthly Mtg-with Speaker Maribeth Crandell of Island Transit

9:30 AM: Meeting with reports, announcements, calendar items
10:30 AM: break for snacks, coffee
10:45 AM – noon: Featured Speaker 

Maribeth Crandell, Mobility Specialist of Island Transit will inform us of all the various ways Island Transit supports us getting out of our single occupancy fossil fuel burning internal combustion engine to travel via fare free public transportation for daily use and/or special events. 

Transportation is the greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Washington State. So let’s look at how we travel. Bus, bike and feet are good options with multiple benefits for your mental and physical health, your personal finances and your community. Still people often need their car, but not always. At Island Transit we offer monthly guided tours on our regularly scheduled buses. Our tours include hiking, birdwatching, photography, wineries, thrift shops and music festivals. In 2020 Skagit Transit will also start offering tours. Come along and see how much fun it can be to reduce your carbon footprint.

Have you ever used Island Transit’s fare free bus or paratransit, joined a vanpool to work or school, or heard of the new RideLink program that partners with non-profit groups? Well this is your chance to get all your questions answered (or at least most of them). You’ll also find out about animals on the bus, bikes on the bus, and our free Ride with a Guide tours on our regularly scheduled buses. Visit with Maribeth Crandell, Island Transit Mobility Specialist. Bring your questions and your sense of adventure!

About monthly meetings: SWS-Camano monthly meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at Cama Center. During the first hour we discuss what our citizen science, beach monitoring, sound toxins and many other teams have learned or done recently. And we present opportunities for upcoming involvement. All SWS are welcome. The public is welcome to attend as well, particularly for the Guest Speaker’s Educational Presentation in the second half of the meeting. 

If the first Monday is a holiday, the meeting will be the following Monday.

NOTE: Discovery Pass is required to park at Cama Beach State Park. Tickets will be issued to people parking without a pass. If you don’t have one, be sure to pick up a temporary purple pass signifying you are a local volunteer. The volunteer pass is only good for Camano’s two state parks.