Joint Camano & Whidbey Members Meeting

For the fall of 2020, the Whidbey Steering Committee and the Camano Steering Committee have joined up to plan joint Zoom meetings with speaker presentations combined with business meetings.

Whidbey will coordinate in September and Camano will coordinate in October. Watch your email for zoom link and program announcements.

After each month’s speaker, the plan is to utilize Zoom’s break-out room feature to split up to allow time for each island to hold their monthly membership meeting. Reports, news and updates of interest to both islands will occur before the speaker.

AGENDA – Monday, September 14, 2020 SWS Monthly Meeting

10:00 am to 10:25 PM:  SWS announcements – what’s happening?!?

  • Welcome by Facilitator,   Sue Salveson of the Whidbey Steering Committee
  • Board report – Linda Ridder   (or other Board member)   
  • Staff Report – Kelly Zupich
  • Sound Waters University 2021 update
  • VET update – Lee Badovinus
  • Schedule for monthly member meetings in the future
  • Other?

10:30 – 11:30 Presentation:  Our presenter this month is Randy Berthold, PhD.  Randy is retired from NASA after 25 years as a climate researcher.  Randy currently is a poster child for retirement and a member of Island County Marine Resources Committee (IC MRC).  His presentation will summarize his involvement in kelp research in California when he was studying environmental science at Cal Tech.  Randy currently is the project lead of the IC MRC’s kelp monitoring program.  He will present an overview of the location and status of local bull kelp beds and the significant habitat they provide for a wide variety of invertebrate and vertebrate animals and other submerged aquatic vegetation supporting our marine ecosystem.

** The Camano Steering Committee will host a continuation of the meeting after Randy’s presentation to address Camano-specific project/activity reports.  Camano Agenda – starts at 11:30 am:

Facilitator for Camano Agenda:  John Mathis


Orca Recovery Day (Oct 17) EcoChallenge – “Orcatober”


  • Parks Report – Jeff
  • SWS Camano Treasurer’s Petty Cash Report – Judy
  • GTWE – Stacey
  • Sound Toxins – Paulette
  • Camano Close-up – Suzie or Paulette
  • Green Crab – John
  • Virtual Speaker Series Update – Scott
  • Slack training opportunity – Joan