Intertidal Monitoring Camano 02 Cama Beach

Volunteers must follow Covid-safety protocols as well as Monitoring Protocols. You must sign up in advance if you wish to be involved. Total number of people actively monitoring is limited to 5 or 6 people (includes captains, Dave and Karen)

Sign up here: 

Setup time 10:45 am – time for captains & coordinators to lay out the profile line & quadrat transects

Start time 11:15 am: monitoring data collection begins (provides a 2-hour window for data collection)

Tide: -2.9ft @ 1:17 pm

Beach Captains North Beach (Jeff Wheeler), South Beach (John Custer, Duane Hoekstra)
Monitoring Coordinators Dave Brubaker & Karen Gardner

All SWS are welcome to observe while they keep at least 6 feet from the next person.

Learn more about intertidal species