*Guided Beach Walk at Fort Casey



At first, the beach at Fort Casey may not look like a whole lot is going on. That is far from the truth! Come on a short walk to learn the basics about our ever changes beaches at Fort Casey. Why is Admiralty inlet so unique? Where does all the driftwood come from? If you are new to beach processes, this is the walk for you! You might even be lucky and see some wildlife.

This is a great adventure for adults and older children. Wear your walking shoes and a jacket

*Discover Pass Required


Walk Description:

This event will include a guided tour of the beach. This will be an easy 1 hour, 1 mile walk with some uneven paths, stepping over driftwood, and a steep incline at the end.



June 7th, June 15th, July 5th, July 20th, August 2nd, August 17th

The walk will begin at 11:00 AM and end by 12:00 PM



Fort Casey State Park at the Big Parking lot by the Fort. There will be a sandwich sign and a volunteer with an orange hat

For further information

Contact us at: education@soundwaterstewards.org