*Earth Day on Whidbey Island

It’s the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this year?

Goosefoot is putting together a calendar of all the Earth & Ocean Month related activities happening in April all over Whidbey Island, and maintaining the website and Facebook page for http://www.whidbeyearthday.org/.

Do you or someone you know have an open, public opportunity for
participation planned for Earth & Ocean Month this year? Please send me
the details, as soon as you have them! Most important is title of the
event, location, and date/time. Please also include a short description
to go on the website. Unfortunately we receive so many submissions that
I cannot post them all on our Facebook, but if your organization posts
them and tags us in it, I will be sure to share it!

We are really focusing on things an individual can do. Over the last few
years, we have focused on political movements, policy choices, and the
like, and those are still very important and we want to represent them,
but we would also like to give people solid, practical things they
themselves or their families can do. Things like planting trees,
learning how to recycle properly, buying with less waste, composting,
making their own reusable containers and shopping bags, etc. We would
like to encourage organizations to think along lines like this when
organizing your events.

We would also like to extend and invitation to businesses that are doing
it “right,” to talk about the environmentally focused practices they’ve
put in place to be a better, greener business. Things like Salon Bella
being a green salon or the Goose or Payless expanding their bulk
sections and encouraging customers to bring their own containers were
brought up at our meeting, so if you know other businesses that fit the
bill, let me know and I will reach out to them!

Additionally, myself and the Earth & Ocean Month planning committee have
gotten to work on this year’s big event. We decided to do a blend of
past events: we are going to have a big festival with a keynote speaker,
the loved Peace Picture, workshops, and table presenters, but we’re
going to do it Saturday, April 4 as a kickoff event so that we can take
the time to highlight all the other great events happening throughout
the rest of the month.

If you would like to participate in the kickoff festival on Saturday,
April 4 at Bayview Corner, please be sure to email me and let me know,
and I will reserve your spot or coordinate with you if you would like to
do an activity or workshop during the larger event. If you know someone
or some organization that would fit into the event, please feel free to
either forward this email to them or let me know so I can contact them

If you or someone in your organization is interested in joining our
planning committee to help make the event better than ever, please let
me know!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback, do not
hesitate to pass them along.

Thank you all for all that you do! This anniversary Earth Month is going
to be amazing, thanks to all of your hard work.

Sami Postma, Events & Education Coordinator, Goosefoot
(360) 321-4246