*Climate Change Conversations-City of Langley

On Friday November 15, the City of Langley will produce a program focused on Climate Change Conversations among government and service provider organization leaders. Our objective: bring Whidbey Island youth and the public into productive discourse on actions contributing to the world’s carbon footprint. 

Climate change scientists note we have passed the period of prevention of climate change damage; are entering a window of mitigation, and striving to avoid a state where there is no option but adaptation to global warming. Whidbey is blessed with a favorable climate and a modicum of isolation, making it a possible destination for climate-induced migration. So, besides our obligation to the planet and next generations, it is in our self-interest to address the sources of our carbon footprint and set an example with creative actions and measurable targets over the next few years toward a net-zero carbon footprint goal.

Following introduction by South Whidbey High School students and a keynote by a climate scientist, we invite you to WICA’s Zech Hall to be part of a cohort of ten Whidbey government and public service provider leaders, each hosting a table discussion on their organization’s carbon footprint. WICA (Whidbey Island Center for Arts) patrons attending the event will be circulating on their intermission break. With inputs from them in conversations at the tables, we ask you to create a summary report of:

  • How to determine your current carbon footprint. This is typically driven by energy production and usage, transportation, facility management, and environmental factors. 
  • Your plans to reduce your carbon footprint. We suggest starting with aspirational ideas and explore a time frame for implementation.
  • How will you get there? Explain strategies, internal procedures/approvals necessary in your operations. For example, cities may require Council approval. 
  • How will you measure results? Ideas about how to measure progress against targets. Mention if you can use some informed volunteer assistants; we have them available! 

Our future well-being is dependent on more than reducing our carbon footprint. Therefore, we will also incorporate a “Poster Festival” from environmental groups onto the walls of Zech Hall, informing event patrons of opportunities to become involved in many important programs.

April 22, 2020, marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and our aspiration is to reconvene participants in some venue near that date in order to report progress on issues and opportunities raised during this event. Thereafter we will evaluate the possibility future gatherings on this topic; with a mission to be an effective regional part of the ongoing State and National imperative to work toward a carbon neutral future for the Earth. 

Our vision: Whidbey Island government agencies and public service providers make a positive contribution toward net-zero carbon footprint plans that are plausible, measurable, timely, easy to communicate, and apply citizen energy and technology in innovative and creative ways. 

Suggested admission: $12.00
Free for students 18 and under
Tickets at www.wicaonline.org

PDF of event poster Climate Change Conversations R1a copy