Camano VET Training 9am

Oct 10 – Field Trip to Hibulb Cultural Center at Tulalip Tribes
Oct 17 – Field Trip to Coupeville for Penn Cove Mussel Tour

The Fall VET training resumes Thursdays, Sept 12 through Oct 24. VET is Volunteer Education and Training program. It is the premier 13 week 100 hour training program that all Sound Water Stewards take. 

Training starts at 9 am with a lunch break mid-day and a morning or afternoon field trip. We are generally finished by 3 pm. 

Coffee, tea, hot water and snacks will be provided the first half of our day (if we are at Cama Center that day). Please bring your lunch. We invite you to bring your own mug. 

ALL SWS MEMBERS are welcome to attend classes as a refresher course, but field trip participation is on a space available basis. Please RSVP or inquire through the Camano Coordinator.

NOTE: Discovery Pass is required to park at Cama Beach State Park. Tickets will be issued to people parking without a pass. If you don’t have one, be sure to pick up a temporary purple pass signifying you are a local volunteer. The volunteer pass is only good for Camano’s two state parks.


Sep 12 – Land Reclamation and Estuary Restoration: learn about Leque Island and zi-sa-ba (local) projects and field trip to two sites on Fir Island. Presenters include Loren Brokaw and Belinda Rotton of WDFW.

Sep 19 – Storm Water Management and Feeder Bluffs with Derek Hann. Afternoon field trip to Camano Transfer station to learn about recycling and waste management with Scott Chase and Jerilyn Ritzman. 

Sep 26 – Salmon Hatchery and Conservation  with Kip Killebrew, Stillaguamish Tribe Hatchery Manager (this training day starts at the Hatchery). Afternoon presentations on Tribal Fishing Rights and recreational crabbing and shrimping. (Hatchery Field Trip is limited to current students only.)

Oct 3 – Sea Level Rise with Jay Mouton, Ocean Acidification with Dr. Brooke Love and Forage Fish with Phill Dionne.

Oct 10 – Native American Culture, Hibulb Center (at Tulalip). Island County Hydrology with Doug Kelly, of Island County hydrogeologist. 

Oct 17Penn Cove Mussel Tour with Tim Jones. Beavers of the Pacific Northwest with Elyssa Kerr. (Mussel Field Trip is limited to current students only.)

Oct 24 – Earthquakes, Faults, Tsunamies with Brian Sherrod. Plastics with Mahmoud Addel-Monem