4th Wed Lecture Series: Global Climate Change

” Global Climate Change: a Clear and Present Danger for the Pacific NW”

Camano Sound Water Stewards sponsors a talk by Dr Richard Gammon on Climate Change, covering the international scientific consensus as well as the present and future impacts on the Pacific NW. This presentation will cover trends in temperature, rain/snow, forests, fisheries, agriculture, ocean acidification, marine and terrestrial ecosystems, and migrations. The talk concludes with how should we respond to this growing threat: individually, nationally, and globally.

Dr Gammon is a UW Emeritus Professor who has taught chemistry, oceanography, atmospheric science, global biogeochemical cycles, and climate change. He was also active in Climate Change before it became a popular topic – directing the 1982-84 NOAA program to globally monitor atmospheric CO2, and co-authoring the 1990 IPCC scientific assessment of the Carbon Cycle.