Coupeville Wharf – Marine Display

Come to the marine displays at the Coupeville Wharf to learn how marine life and how humans have lived in and near Penn Cove for thousands of years.


The large marine mammal skeletons suspended from the ceiling have been here for many years, but are now accompanied by matching artwork high on the wall.

The wharf-wall-and-mural-closeup new displays delight in the beauty and fascination of our marine surroundings, while softly highlighting the pressures that threaten these resources.

The cylindrical eelgrass mural depicts the variety of marine life that a healthy eelgrass habitat supports.   Wall displays show geological and Native American history of the Penn Cove area, the story of orcas in Penn Cove,  the impacts of pollutants and plastics on marine life, and opportunities for marine stewardship.

Youwharf-kids can watch Florian Graner’s wonderful video “Beneath the Salish Sea”. For a quick preview of what you’ll see, check this video interview with Florian.

You can also get hands on with a display about what you can do to help marine life.

The Coupeville Wharf  is located on Whidbey Island

  • 24 Front St NE, Coupeville, WA

Hours vary by day

  • Sun – 8am – 5pm
  • Mon – 7am – 5pm
  • Tues – 10am – 5pm
  • Wed – Sat – 7am- 5pm

For more pictures, and a delightful essay about the 2015-2016 upgrade of the displays, read this article by Dan Pedersen.

For history on the marine mammal skeletons, see: