Contact – SWS Members

To send to a group of volunteers – address your email to one or more of

    – all SWS members, including trainees in new class
    – all Camano members, including new Camano class
    – all Whidbey members, including new Whidbey class

To send to the new class

  • – just the members of Camano 2016 class
  • – just the members of Whidbey 2016 class

To contact someone on the Board

  • see SWS Board members OR send email to

Once approved by a moderator (to check for spam), our Volunteer Hours database will be checked for current emails of all applicable active members and your email will be sent (from, with replyTo: original sender)

Note: when you are logged into Volunteer Hours, you can specify how often you want to receive emails – as they are sent, or on a monthly or yearly basis, or never.  Click on the My Info tab and scroll to the bottom of the page to adjust this setting.  The default value is to receive emails as they are sent.

To find phone or email for:  Julie Smith

  •  use the Find tab at our Volunteer Hours/Info Database (login required)
  • enter Julie, or Smith, or Jul, or Smit, or …
  • Note: if you see an [i] after someone’s name on this website, you can click on it to get their contact info. (example:  Tom Vos [i] )

To find members of the  2007 class

To find  members living in Langley