BWAC May 2013 Agenda

Agenda, BWAC Meeting, Tuesday 21 May 2013, 1:30 – 3:30

at West Beach Shelter, Deception Pass State Park

  •  Welcome
  •  Approval of minutes from April 23 BWAC meeting [see emailed file with updated minutes – meeting date was corrected]
  • Coordinator’s report [see emailed file]
  • Report from & Discussion with the BW Organizational Options Committee  [ members include Linda Ade Ridder, Paul Robertson, Jill Hein, Bob Gentz, Mary Hulbert, Dave Brubaker]
    – we anticipate at least an hour for this topic, & maybe more
  • Other topics if time allows:
    • BWAC Members as Project Liaisons [see emailed list of active BW Projects/Activities]
    • Recruiting new members for BWAC – update
  • Adjourn

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