Sue Salveson

SWS Board Member

  • SWS (BW) Class of 2012

  • Spent summer days at our Possession Beach cabin every year of my life, and full time Whidbey resident since 2011.

Beach Watchers/SWS Experience

  • Sound Waters University Steering Committee, 2013-present (Program Co-lead 2013, Lead 2014-2015, Team Lead/Mentor 2016-2017);
  • Member of Whidbey Steering Committee/Social Events Planning Team 2015-present;
  • Beach Monitoring, Beach Litter clean-up.

Life/Work Experience

  • Worked for NOAA Fisheries for 30 years, including:
    • Fisheries research biologist conducting resource assessments in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska onboard fishing and research vessels and participating in or leading various studies in coastal waters off Southeast Alaska;
    • Bering Sea Fishery Management Plan coordinator writing environmental assessments supporting management decision making for federally managed fisheries off Alaska and developing associated regulations governing these fisheries; and
    • Assistant Regional Administrator, Alaska Region, supervising 30 professional staff responsible for federal fisheries policy development, implementation of Alaska federal fisheries management policy, project level team development and oversight, alternate member North Pacific Management Council and numerous other associated federal/state working groups and committees.
  • Past and current community-based volunteer activities – development and President of the Juneau Jumper Parent Booster Club, various school PTA positions, Hearts and Hammers volunteer, and Whidbey Watershed Stewards Outdoor Classroom volunteer.

Skills re: Board

  • Project management, team building, organized and detail oriented approach to just about everything; technical writing skills.


  • Gardening, grandparenting, cooking great meals for family gatherings, dog walking, hiking.

Reason I want to serve
We face challenging times ensuring stewardship of our natural world for all its inhabitants and our future generations. Our organization’s focus on public outreach and education instills a local appreciation of current science about our changing world, our influence on it and what we can do to address issues facing our environment. I am committed to this effort and offer my energy and organizational skills to help ensure our SWS organization remains a visible and viable force within our community.