Rich Yukubousky

SWS Board Member

  • SWS Class of 2016

    Rich Yukubousky

  • Whidbey Island resident since 2015

SWS Experience

  • active in several SWS activities, including the Training Committee, Pigeon Guillemot Study, and Forage Fish Surveys.

Life/Work Experience

  • Grew up on the east coast but have been a Northwest resident for over 40 years.
  • Initial move to Seattle to pursue a PhD in Urban Planning at the University of Washington with a goal of teaching at a university.
  • Early career in civil engineering and transportation planning.
  • Served as the City of Seattle Long Range Planning Director for 5 years with focus on land use, transportation, and environmental issues.
  • Served for 21 years as Executive Director of the Municipal Research and Services Center, a non-profit that provides technical assistance to local governments in Washington State.

Skills re Board

  • Served in executive positions for over 25 years
  • Written mission statements, policies, work programs, grant applications and budgets.
  • Served on boards of professional associations and community organizations.


  • Hiking, biking, landscape photography, history, gardening, travel and life-long learning.

Reason I want to serve

  • SWS is an energetic, and valuable organization of dedicated enthusiastic volunteers. I want to assist in our transition, and help further define our stewardship mission and future programs.