Lois Farrington

SWS Board Member

  • BW Class of 2015
  • Whidbey resident since 2003

Beach Watchers Experience

  • Clam harvester count, two beach monitoring sites, helped in the Beach Watchers booth at the Penn Cove Water festival, enjoyed many quiet mornings with the Mutiny Sands Pigeon Guillemot survey, currently serving as Program Committee Co-Chair for Sound Waters 2016, and also wading in the muck at Race Lagoon for the European Green Crab survey. All of it fun!

Life/Work Experience

  • With a degree in Biology and a career in clinical microbiology, I am familiar with biological processes, cell physiology, and biochemistry, which help me understand the material we are given in Beach Watchers classes.
  • I also worked for a short time in Sialkot, Pakistan upgrading laboratory procedures and training staff for a hospital in that area.

Skills re Board

  • My experience includes positions in supervision and laboratory management, including financial planning and forecasting for a small laboratory.


  • My love of the natural world began at an early age with countless family outings in the mountains and on the sea. Hiking is still my passion, as well as fine art nature photography, oil painting, gardening, traveling, and just about any adventure you can dream up. I love shopping the farmer’s markets and tasting fine food, too!

Reason I want to serve

  • Beach Watchers is an extraordinary organization of enthusiastic people, who are eager to learn and contribute their diverse talents. I think we have a unique commitment to both public education and participatory environmental science.