Anne Baum

SWS Board Memberpicture of Anne Baum

  • BW Class of 2007
  • Whidbey resident since 2002

SWS Experience

  • Chair, Sound Waters University 2017
  • CoChair, Sound Waters University 2016

Life/Work Experience

  • Entrepreneur, CEO in Technology Industry, 15 years
  • 1991 Winner, Small Business Person of the Year, Saint Petersburg, Florida

Skills re Board

  • Entrepreneurial experience; team-building skills
  • The last two years of Sound Waters University experience has provided some strong knowledge of our current SWU capabilities. This provides underpinnings for future enhancements and directions.


  • Emeritus Master Gardener, dahlia farming, traveling, hiking.

Reason I want to serve

  • Now that our new organization has solidified, I would like to be a part of assessing and implementing ideas for the future, including expanding our citizen science education and associated grant opportunities. I feel that is an area with many layers that we are uniquely qualified to address.