About Sound Water Stewards

Our Mission:

We are trained volunteers working in and around Island County for a healthy, sustainable Puget Sound environment through education, community outreach, stewardship, and citizen science.

Our History:

We were founded in 1989 as Island County Beach Watchers – a program of Washington State University Extension. In January 2016, we became our own independent non-profit organization, led by a volunteer Board of Directors.

What We Do:

A major focus of our program is the annual training program for new volunteers – 80 hours of expert training from top professionals, plus 20 hours of hands on training. Since 1990, we have trained over 600 volunteers.

Both new and old volunteers work on a variety of projects in keeping with our mission (some programs are entirely SWS-run, many are with aligned groups or researchers in the Puget Sound region). 

See What We Do for an expanded view of our many activities.