4th Wednesday Evening Speaker Series

Camano Sound Water Stewards are proud to present our monthly ‘4th Wednesday’ Seminar Series serving Camano Island and other nearby communities.

All talks begin at 7 pm at the Camano Library (at Terry’s Corner).

2019 Speaker Series

  • March 27th: “Pinto Abalone Status: Why they should be listed as Endangered”,  by Dr. Henry Carson
    • Dr. Henry Carson will discuss the current status of the Pinto Abalone and discuss Washington Stae should list it under the Endangered Species Act. 
    • For more information on the state of their recovery please Click Here.
  • February 27th: “Shake Alert- A Moment to Act”, by Bill Steele
    • Bille Steele will discuss Puget Sound Area Earthquake & Tsunami Hazards and also explain the ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system. Bille Steele is the Director of Communications & Outreach at the University of Washington where he has worked with key stakeholders to identify earthquakes and volcanic hazards, community vulnerability, and mitigation opportunities. 
  • January 23rd: ” Our Common Local Intertidal Chitons”, by Linda Schroeder

Past 2018 Talks

  • October 24th: “Projected Sea Level Rise”, by Jay Mouton
  • September 26th: “Beaches & Bluffs on Camano Island”, by Hugh Shipman
  • August 22nd:“Tales of Logging on Camano Island”, by Jeff Wheeler
  • July 25th: “Harbor Seals in the Salish Sea”, by Dr. Cindy Elliser
  • June 27th:  ” Global Climate Change: a Clear and Present Danger for the Pacific NW”, by Dr. Richard Gammon
  • May 23rd“The Importance of Salmon Hatcheries”, by Sue Ryan
  • April 25th: “SR3 Marine Animal Rehab”, by Casey McLean
  • March 28th: “Camano Island Groundwater – Your Drinking Water”, by Doug Kelly
  • February 28th: “Helping Skagit Salmon:  It’s about way more than just salmon”, by Sue Madsen
  • January 24th: “Reining in the Rain:  Rainbarrel Construction”, by Scott Chase

Past 2017 Talks

  • October 25th: “Ocean Acidification – Winners, Losers And Changing the Rules of the Game”, by Dr. Brooke Love
  • September 27th: “Marine Mammal Entanglement,” presented by Doug Sandilands

  • August 23rd: Ocean Acidification in Puget Sound”, presented by Dr. Paul McElhany

  • July 26th: “Making a Mark: Photo-ID of Harbor Porpoises in the Salish Sea”, presented by Dr. Cindy Elliser (Pacific Mammal Research).  

  • June 28th: “Southern Resident Orcas – An Icon in Danger” presented by Cindy Hansen (Orca Network)

  • May 25th: “Pigeon Guillemots – The Adorable Seabird with Bright Red Feet” presented by Govinda Rosling
  • April 22nd: “Climate Change-Local Impacts” presented by Tamara Neuffer (Stillaguamish Tribe)
  • March 22nd: Taylor Shellfish.
  • February 22nd: “Restoration of Leque Island”, by Loren Brokaw
  • January 25th: “Estuaries in the Skagit River Delta — a Bird’s Eye View”, by Leah Rensel.