Volunteer Stewards Needed For Sound Waters University

Sunflower Seastar on Eel Grass

We hope you are doing well! Are you available to volunteer for Sound Waters University?

We are excited to announce volunteer shifts are now ready for you to sign up to help! 

Please click on the links below to sign up, and or learn more! 

Specifically on the day of we could use help with the following roles in the classroom!

  1. Do you have a way with words and elicit excitement from audience members? Volunteer to be an introducer for the presenter and facilitate q & at the end!
  2. Tech troubleshooting: assist the presenter with their HDMI 1 or VGA 1 port/adapter connection to the classroom chord. Comfortable using a remote to turn on and off the projector and make sure the source is on 1 (would need a prior meeting with Tabitha on Tuesday 1/30 for what to do).
  3. General room moderator/ assist with putting the room back together at the end of the day per photo taken at the beginning of the day. Assist in keeping time. Give 5-minute yellow card, 1-minute red card.

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