About the Speaker: Luan Roberts is a Seattle-based nudibranch enthusiast with a master of arts in biology who loves to share her sea slug photos online. She has spent the past two years documenting thousands of nudibranch observations that she made by looking over the edge of floating docks.

Luan’s website: Nature Lookings

Class Title: Dock fouling & nudibranchs in the Urban Wilderness

Presentation Description: Floating docks are an intriguing hub for marine organisms and provide an accessible window into local marine life. Nudibranchs are commonly found on the side of floating docks and can be observed by looking over the edge of them. In observing nudibranchs and other marine life within cities we are allowed a glimpse of how these creatures thrive in an urban setting. Luan will discuss her dock fouling observations and why they are of importance along with countless other citizen science records.


Luan exploring beneath the surface of docks

Affiliation: Dock Foulers Union is a community of dock fouling enthusiasts who love to share their knowledge.