Joseph on rebreather SCUBA equipment at the oceans' surface

Joseph Mangiafico is a diving aficionado and has spent over 2,100 hours diving on both the East and West coasts! Joe has SCUBA dived for 32 years and has over 3,210 lifetime dives! Joe graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BA in Marine Sciences and a double minor in Maritime Archeology and History. Joe’s career spans everything from military (Navy) to research to technician to equipment specialist to teaching.

Most recently Joe was a Diving and Training Specialist for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Seattle. Here in Washington (and elsewhere), Joe and his wife, Tabitha, have enjoyed community science data collection for REEF (REEF Environmental Education Foundation) and Young of the Year Rock Fish survey collection for NOAA and the Paua Marine Research Group. Joe has conducted over 1,000 surveys for REEF and is now part of the Golden Hamlet club!

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