Jackie on a boat conducting research via SCUBA

Jackie Selbitschka earned her degree in Marine Biology from the University of California Santa Cruz. While at Santa Cruz, Jackie worked her way through scuba certifications up to NAUI Dive Master and received her AAUS scientific diver certification participating in PISCO surveys. After graduating from college she moved down to Catalina Island to become a NAUI instructor, teaching youth to scuba dive in the summer and guiding marine ecology, biology, and geology excursions to visiting school groups at Catalina Island Marine Institute.

Since then she has worked at many organizations teaching hands-on marine science and certifying scuba divers. Her passion is to share the incredible life that lives underwater so that others are inspired to care for and protect our marine habitats.

When not diving for work you may find Jackie at the Seattle Aquarium as a volunteer diver or up in the mountains hiking and rock climbing with her wife and crag dogs. Jackie joined Reef Check in 2022 to begin monitoring Washington’s Kelp Forests and train and inspire other Washington divers to do the same.

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