Marianne Elliott

Health and Resilience of Pacific Madrone, an Iconic Shoreline Tree

Presentation Description: Learn about one of our favorite Pacific Northwest trees, the Pacific madrone (Arbutus menziesii). We will discuss the ecology and range of madrone, how to grow and take care of it, its pollinators and wildlife associations, and health concerns such as diseases and climate change. Bring your madrone questions for the Q and A and find out how you can help preserve this tree.


  • Marianne Elliott is a Research Associate in Plant Pathology at Washington State University, Puyallup Research & Extension Center and co-founder of ArbutusARME.  She researches disease management for woody plants in nurseries, landscapes, and forests. 
  • Michael Yadrick is a Plant Ecologist with Seattle Parks and Recreation and he works for the Green Seattle Partnership team. Michael has worked with several land trusts before returning home to Seattle. Michael currently supports professional crew work happening across GSP sites.

More Resources: Washington State University Puyallup Research & Extension CenterPacific Madrone Research Program

LOOK FOR: Add to your knowledge by signing up for the additional Field Trip to see Arbutus in person on Feb 11 with Marianne Elliott and Michael Yadrick at Camano Island State Park – offered twice on Feb 11 (11 am to 12:30 pm or 1:30 to 3 pm).

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