Janna Nichols in SCUBA Gear coming up a dive ladder

Janna has been a SCUBA diver for over 20 years. She has been working for Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) since 2010 as their Citizen Science Program Manager, overseeing the Volunteer Fish Survey Project where divers and snorkelers gather species population data for a central database.  She has been a PADI scuba instructor, an AAUS scientific diver, and a Dive Safety Officer for Washington State University. She lives in Vancouver, Washington.

Many of her underwater photos of marine life have been published in guidebooks, textbooks, online resources, newspapers, and scientific publications. She has personally conducted over 1500 REEF surveys (most from the Pacific Northwest) over the past 2 decades. She even has a Nudibranch (sea slug) named after her, Cadlina jannanicholsae! Read more.

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