Photo of Jack Hartt on the shoreline

Jack Hartt was born and raised near the shores of the Salish Sea in Seattle. He frequently played hooky from Ballard High School to go down to the beach. While in college he spent his summers as a scientific researcher in the wild rivers and lakes of Alaska, as a volunteer at Mount Rainier, a restroom cleaner for the U. S. Forest Service, a backcountry ranger for Rocky Mountain National Park, and an interpreter at Dry Falls in Sun Lakes State Park.

His University of Washington senior thesis explored the management of Washington State Park’s Puget Sound beaches. Somehow he graduated from college with a B. S. degree in Forest Science, specializing in park management. He spent the next forty years working in nine different Washington State Parks. Deception Pass was Jack’s last state park to call home, living there for fourteen years, and performing numerous rescues and recoveries in the churning waters of the Pass.

Jack retired in 2017 and now makes his home in Skagit County. Jack is involved in Skagit Land Trust, Anacortes Community Forest Lands and Transition Fidalgo. Recently, with SWS member Maribeth Crandell, Jack co-authored Hiking Close to Home, a guidebook to hikes and trails of Whidbey, Fidalgo & Guemes Islands. 

He loves beaches, sunsets and sunrises, warm weather, flying, photography, hiking, sauntering, kayaking, biking, laughing, basketball, writing, playing with his kids and grandkids, eating blackberry pie, and finding rainbows.

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