aerial view of island county

What Island County is Doing for Our Environment 

About the Class

1:15 PM - 2:30 PM Session 3
Speaker: Janet St. Clair

With a life-long interest in environmental sustainability, Janet values the rural nature and iconic beauty of Island County. She prioritizes protecting forests, maintaining open spaces, safe-guarding salmon habitat, and preserving the health of the Salish Sea. She also understands the interconnection between protecting the environment and upholding commercial capability for Island County residents.

In this class, Janet conveys what she and Island County are doing to manage both interests, such as her success in writing and securing a grant to update an Island County Greenhouse Gas Emissions study to inform future climate action goals.

aerial view of island county

Contact info: Jnet St. Clair Island County Commissioner District 3

Affiliation: Island County, WA

About the Speaker

Janet St. Clair

Janet St. Clair Island County Commissioner D.3 has also been Chair of the Board of Health, providing steady leadership during the pandemic.