Swinomish Place-based Science, Culture, and Environmental Education: A Swinomish Approach to Environmental and Resource Issues

About the Class

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM Session 2
Speakers: Todd Mitchell, Vivien Coop

This presentation covers: What is Swinomish place-based science, traditional ecological knowledge, and indigenous science; how that ancestral knowledge from our elders is collected, used, and protected through data stewardship and sovereignty; using that knowledge that practices honorable community engagement within the tribe and with collaborators and allies; the connection of Swinomish culture to our lands, environment, and treaty-reserved rights; case study(s) of Tribally designed and lead placed based-science, research, and habitat restoration on the Swinomish Reservation; our environmental education efforts of bringing Swinomish specific indigenous science curriculum to the Tribal youth in the Community

Affiliation: https://swinomish-nsn.gov/

About the Speakers

Todd Mitchell

Todd A. Mitchell, swəlítub, a Swinomish Tribal citizen, is the Environmental Director of the Swinomish Department of Environmental Protection with the Swinomish Tribal Community....

Vivien Coop

Vivien is a Climate Change Researcher with the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). She graduated from Western Washington University with...