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Salish Sea Successes: Examples of Marine Mammal Recovery

About the Class

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM Session 2
Speaker: Erin Gless

Marine mammal conservation is a daunting task. It’s not uncommon for even the most passionate wildlife advocates to experience burnout and compassion fatigue. Reflecting on past successes can reinvigorate our mission by reminding us of what’s possible. This class will look back at some of the Salish Sea’s greatest marine mammal recovery stories, animals who were once trapped, hunted, and persecuted but have since rebounded throughout Washington and British Columbia.

From harbor porpoises to humpback whales, seals to seal-eaters, we’ll take a refreshing dive into a more encouraging side of marine mammal conservation while underscoring the importance of learning from the past. 

Emerson the elehpant seal
Jann Ledbetter
Harbor seal pup on the beach
Jann Ledbetter

Add-on Field trip: Marine Mammals of the Salish Sea: A Guide to Identification and Responsible Viewing

Contact info: erin@pacificwhalewatchassociation.com

Affiliation: www.pacificwhalewatchassociation.com 

About the Speaker

Erin Gless

Erin Gless is the Executive Director of the Pacific Whale Watch Association. She holds a BS in Biology with Marine Emphasis from Western Washington...