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Keynote: Restoring the Salish Sea: Science, Action, and Resiliency

About the Class

8:45 - 9:45 AM- Morning Keynote
Speaker: Dr. Joe Gaydos

This will be a broad overview of what we face in our efforts to restore the Salish Sea and ensure resiliency for a healthy ecosystem for generations to come. Science, public support, and successes will be highlighted to show why our future is hopeful.

Join Dr. Joe Gaydos Science Director of The SeaDoc Society and Wildlife Veterinarian virtually at Sound Waters University on February 4, 2023, as our morning Keynote!

Shoreline Preserve
Photo by Joseph Gaydos

View Salish Sea Wild: Season three, episode six, “Dramatic Rescue: Sea Lion Suffers Deadly Entanglement”!

Affiliation: The SeaDoc Society is a science-based marine conservation program.

Be sure to check out their Salish Sea Wild video series.

Contact: Dr. Joseph Gaydos at

About the Speaker

Dr. Joe Gaydos

Dr. Joe Gaydos, Science Director of SeaDoc Society will be Keynote for Sound Waters University February 4, 2023!