Piles of Monofilament Fishing Line

Ghost Gear in the Salish Sea: Discussing the causes problems and solutions for derelict fishing gear in Washington’s Salish Sea.

About the Class

10:00 - 11:00 AM Session 1
Speaker: Jason Morgan

The problem of lost, abandoned, or discarded (derelict) fishing gear was identified as a priority by the Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative (NWSI) in 1999. Derelict fishing gear in the Salish Sea mostly consists of gillnets and shellfish pots, these lost nets and pots also known as ghost gear remain unchecked in our marine waters trapping and killing marine organisms and degrading critical marine habitat.

Over 5,800 Derelict Nets and 7,500 Crab Pots Removed

Through a collaborative campaign of removals, research, outreach, and education the NWSI has removed over 5,800 derelict nets and 7,500 crab pots restoring over 870 acres of marine habitat and saving millions of marine animals each year. In this session, Jason Morgan, Marine Projects Manager for the Northwest Straits Foundation and manager of the Foundation’s Derelict Fishing Gear Program, will discuss the problems, challenges, and solutions of dealing with derelict fishing gear and what we all can do to help. 

Jason Morgan with crab pot on a boat

Add-on Field trip: Nearshore Restoration: Walking the Edge of Change

Contact info: Jason Morgan

Report lost fishing nets here or by calling (360)-733-1725

Affiliation: nwstraitsfoundation.org/derelict-gear/

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About the Speaker

Jason Morgan

As manager of the Foundation’s Derelict Fishing Gear Program, he works with state, federal, Tribal, and recreational stakeholders to achieve the program’s goal of...