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B.9 Electrosmog: An Invisible, Increasing Threat to Seabirds, Shoreline Flora, and UsMark Wahl

TImage of global background rqdiationhe earth in the early times of plants and animals always had a natural electromagnetic radiation caused by lightening, galactic noise and atmospheric noise, with its own frequency.  Beginning around 1800, the earth’s atmosphere began building an invisible and universal electromagnetic “smog” of mixed frequencies that continues to intensify in strength and variety to the present day. Now it is exponentially growing due to the universality of wireless microwaves as well as radiation from our many electric machines and devices. 5G’s planners want to more than double in three-five years as many as all the radiating sources activated in the last 30 years. 

Vast research has established the electrical fields and currents present in all living beings down to the cellular level.  More recently, numerous researchers have built a strong case about the damaging health effects of strong and weak electrosmog on flora and animals, including humans.

This class will share information and evidence about the dramatic effects of today’s anthropogenic electrosmog sources...

  • on trees and plants—effects that rival other better-known human-made harms like pesticides and habitat decimation;

  • as a significant component of the “insect apocalypse,” and bee colony collapse;

  • creating effects on birds and other animals, including sterilization, sickness, and disorientation;

  • creating for some sensitive living beings (humans plants, animals) a variety of rapidly-observable symptoms, while producing in many others latently-developing major health disruptions. (Note: Latency time and symptom severity has been shown to be a function of daily/yearly duration and intensity of electrosmog exposure.)

Finally, you will learn elements of precautionary measures and advocacy you may undertake to 1) lower your and loved ones’ exposures, and 2) better protect animal and plant inhabitants in our environment from the ever-increasing, pervasive buildup of electrosmog around us all.  

Tame Your Electromagnetic Exposure The Body Electric