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A.7 Electric Cars for Beginners: What to Know Before you Buy or LeaseWalt Blackford, Tim Economu, David Parker Brown

The idea of driving an electric car might be only a twinkle in your eye. Maybe you’ve been thinking about this for a while and are getting close to a decision. Either way, you will take away valuable guidance from this presentation by local electric vehicle owners, as well as representatives from Puget Sound Energy.

The workshop will address the following factors to consider before selecting your first electric vehicle (EV).

* BASIC PRINCIPLES: How do EV's work? Plug-ins vs. hybrids?

* ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS: How is driving an EV good for the environment?

* COST SAVINGS FROM OPERATING AN EV: We will explain the reduced operating costs of an EV relative to a gas-powered car.

* RANGE ANXIETY: What is it and how might it influence the EV you choose?

* TAX BENEFITS AND OTHER INCENTIVES: What are the financial and other incentives offered by State and Federal governments?

* CHARGING OPTIONS: PSE will describe the different technologies and why you might choose one or the other.

* PSE RESOURCES: How can the local electric utility (PSE) support customers who are considering an electric car purchase, as well as provide guidance with decisions related to charging options.

Photo of electric car display at SWU 2019