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C.11 Sea Level Rise and Shoreline Development: How Can We Prepare?Meredith Penny, Anna Toledo

As sea level rise begins to impact shoreline property owners, some residents have taken actions to adapt and prepare. This class will cover the strategies residents already are employing including innovative alternatives to hard armoring.

This class will cover the sea level rise guidance that Island County has been preparing as a part of the Shoreline Master Program periodic review and update. This guidance includes how shoreline property owners and shoreline communities may better understand their vulnerabilities, weigh their risk tolerance, and employ strategies to prepare for sea level rise. Last, this class will inform participants about the new MyCoast app and how downloading and participating can increase our collective knowledge of how our beaches might look under a sea level rise scenario.

This class is the third of a series of three classes on sea level rise at Sound Waters University 2020. In the first class, (Session A), Ian Miller will discuss the phenomenon of sea level rise, what it is, what causes it and what approaches are used to project future changes. In the second class, (Session B), Nicole Faghin will share timelines, maps and web-tools to anticipate sea level change at various Island County locations. You may attend any or all classes in the series.