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Can I mark interesting classes as favorites (or wishlist or ...)

Yes.  On most lines showing the title of a class, you will see a star image to the far left.  If you see an empty star, click on it, and the class will now be in your 'favorites' or 'wishlist'.

All of the Sessions pages allow you to pick among viewing (1) all classes, (2) just those you've marked as favorites, or (3) those you have not marked.

You can mark favorites on our pages showing class summaries, or on class full descriptions.

You can remove a class from your wishlist by clicking on its gold star to turn it back to an unmarked (empty) star.

Your wishlist is stored as a cookie in your browser, so cannot be shared across browsers. 

When registration opens, the registration form will highlight your starred classes and you can specify their ranking order.

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