Betsy Carlson

Betsy CarlsonBetsy works “off-shore” (at the end of a pier) as the Citizen Science Coordinator for the Port Townsend Marine Science Center in Port Townsend, Washington, where she designs and coordinates citizen science projects, trains volunteers, and oversees the center’s data management.

Betsy has over two decades of experience in environmental and conservation outreach, education and community building with Washington State University Extension, Olympic National Park, Olympic Park Institute and Peace Corps.

She lived for six years in Madagascar; one year on a remote island collecting botanical specimens and studying forest habitat of an endangered primate, the aye-aye, and five years as the Associate Director for Peace Corps’ Environment Program.

Betsy completed her Masters of Environmental Studies at Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and a Bachelors of Science in Plant Science at the University of Delaware. She fell in love with the Pacific Northwest as a backcountry ranger for Olympic National Park and has called Port Townsend home since the early 1990s.