Meera Lee Sethi

Photo of Meera Lee SethiMeera Lee Sethi was born in Singapore in 1979. She moved to the U.S. in 1998 and began falling in love with science, slowly and inconveniently, while earning a BA in Comparative Literature and a Masters in Children's Literature and Teaching.

Since then she has worked as a middle school humanities teacher, a textbook editor, a freelance science writer, and a serial field technician on ecological research projects in Sweden, Alaska, and California.

She is currently in the 4th year of her PhD in Biology at the University of Washington, where she is interested in discovering how climate affects the complex relationships living organisms have with each other. Specifically, Meera's research focuses on the impacts of climate change on the relationships between subalpine meadow plants and their insect herbivores. She is also curious about the indirect effects herbivory may have on insect pollinators, and uses a combination of observational methods in the field and experimental approaches in the lab to quantify these phenomena.