Rhonda Paulson

Rhonda is Vice-president of the Camano Preparedness Group and a General Level amateur radio operator. She also holds a General Mobile Radio Service license to cover communications at a neighborhood level and is a member of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service. Rhonda currently is studying Morse code as a critical backup for amateur radio communications.

Rhonda provides Map Your Neighborhood presentations to Camano neighborhood groups and to local organizations as part of the Camano Preparedness Group's ongoing efforts to educate and assist citizens in preparing for whatever natural or human-caused disaster may come their way.  She works with Island County and Camano Island CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) to provide local training sessions twice a year.  Rhonda currently is working to establish continuing education/exercises for those who have already completed CERT training. In addition, she continues to add to her training with updated First Aid/CPR/AED classes and with the Stop the Bleed course.