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John F. Williams

John Williams spent almost 20 years helping to map the ocean floor all over the world, from the deepest of the deep, the Mariana Trench, to the flanks of Surtsey, Iceland, some of the newest real-estate on the planet.

At the beginning of this century, he embarked on a new adventure:  turning his love for SCUBA diving into a new career making educational underwater movies. Recognizing some of the serious issues facing our oceans, yet optimistic that they can be addressed through public awareness and involvement, John founded a media production company called Still Hope Productions, Inc. His videos have been seen on broadcast, satellite, and cable TV, and at science conferences.

John's movie about the four seasons underwater in Puget Sound, Return of the Plankton, is in many schools and libraries around the U.S., and it toured the country with the Kids First! film festival in 2007.

From 2006 to 2009, John produced the award winning TV series: “SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest” about our underwater neighborhoods that aired on over 60 community stations. In the last few years, John has been broadening his horizons, integrating his experience with marine ecosystems with an exploration of our local forests. This wholistic approach is reflected in his new project, "Salish Magazine" (