Howard Garrett

Photo of Howard GarrettHoward received his degree in Sociology from Colorado College in 1980, and began working with the Center for Whale Research in 1981.

In 1996 Garrett wrote Orcas In Our Midst, a booklet oriented toward middle-school students.  Volume 2 of Orcas In Our Midst was published in 2005.  Volume 3, Residents and Transients – How Did That Happen? was published in 2011.

Garrett also wrote the entry under "Animal Culture" for the Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior (Greenwood Publishing Group, 2005) and a chapter about the rescue of the solitary orca A73 (Springer), in Between Species.

He co-founded Orca Network in November 2001 with Susan Berta.


Note:Photo by Sandy Dubpernell